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PANO Sign’ Service offers complete signage solutions for all kinds and sizes of business ventures. The team has dedicated several decades to build a resilient business model that can remain profitable for years to come. Thus making it stand out as one of these opportunities where you invest low cost for high return with PANO Sign’ Service. It was founded by  Frédéric Morlier, the President and CEO of PANO Sign’ Service.

You can read his interview with us, where he shares his story on how he built his business network – PANO Sign’ Service offers complete signage solutions.

Evolving and growing franchise system

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Their unique concept will allow you to create a new and well performing business. Moreover, it allows you a quick start and a rapid return on your capital with the powerful support of an international network. In addition, it offers a fabulous promotional tool for all those who want their products or services to be known, avoiding long and costly proceedings.

Pano groupThe PANO concept is constantly growing, evolving and upgrading.  Most importantly, all franchisees participate in the changes and stay informed via the intranet system, with its chat forum, and huge database. This means, you do not have to worry about not having artistic capabilities because you may find any design you might need on their database and easily adapt it to fit the needs of the clients. Further, they also provide in-depth training for two or four weeks depending on the package chosen.

They have over 40 years of experience and more than 150 agencies all over the world. Outside France, they also operate in Belgium, Marocco, Luxembourg, Senegal, Mauritius Island, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Tunisia, Djibouti, Myanmar and Madagascar.

Every mission is different; every client has different needs, every time you meet new customers and see new sites, this is what the PANO concessionaires love so much about their business, it never grows old!

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