Luxurious Experience from Massage Heights

By inspiring individuals to become better versions of themselves, Massage Heights is a passion brand, a lifestyle brand, and a spa franchise brand that genuinely helps people live their best lives. Additionally, due to its reliance on the membership business model, which produces a consistent flow of income, it is a very profitable brand for franchise investors.

“It can be very profitable if operators understand that they’re in the membership business and that is the core of it and while we offer other experience-enhancing Elevations that increase revenue opportunities, the core of the business really is the membership and the people who serve our Guests and Members.” – says CEO & President Susan Boresow.

Customers sign up for monthly massages for typically less than half the price of a visit to a high-end spa. However, they never forego any of the amenities they would anticipate paying a greater price for, such as:

  • Pure essential oils and goods only
  • luxurious massage tables
  • opulent 800-thread-count linens
  • Totally free aromatherapy
  • Personalized massage services and add-on services

Susan adds that “It all goes back to really being a brand of choice and being positioned as the premium massage experience in the membership-based space. We truly deliver the very best massage experience for the best value possible.”

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