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The world of food has few ingredients that make you fall in love with them. For instance garlic, which is among the top few ingredients that can drive your taste buds crazy with its flavour and aroma. Mad For Garlic – World’s Biggest Garlic themed restaurant is dedicated to those garlic lovers all over the world. A franchise so unique and loved that will stay trendy for years to come.

Mad For Garlic

Mad for Garlic Mad for Garlic

Mad For Garlic is one of the many successful restaurants that belongs to Sun At Food which owns and operates restaurants since 1995. The first Mad For Garlic restaurant was launched in 2001. It has reached over 40 outlets eversince.

Mad for Garlic

Celebrating almost two decades of success since its launch in 2001. Mad for Garlic has become one of most beloved dining restaurant brand in Korea. Along with more than 40 kinds of its original and creative garlic-centric dishes, Mad for Garlic has achieved a true culinary triumph of its own kind. Also, the entire cooking process starts with fresh ingredients in the kitchen to ensure the best quality and our professional chefs cook all dishes to perfection right upon our customer’s order. Mad for Garlic is currently serving its famous garlic dishes in Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan and now is on a path toward further expansion into new global markets.

Mad for Garlic Mad for Garlic

About Sun At Food

Sun At Food is a global dining company from Korea and has been establishing new standard of dining culture for decades. Since 1995, Sun At Food has become one of most beloved and innovative dining company in Korea with various concepts and unique theme, ‘Mad for Garlic’, ‘Bistro Seoul’, ‘Sichuan House’, ‘Modern Nulang’ and ‘Texas de Brazil’. ‘Mad for Garlic’ and ‘Bistro Seoul’ have gained significant global attention and continue expanding internationally in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. ‘Sichuan House’ and ‘Modern Nulang’ are two distinctive Chinese concepts to change the perception of traditional Chinese restaurant in Korea. In addition, Sun At Food made a franchising partnership with ‘Texas de Brazil’ from the U.S for its successful launching in Korea in 2016.

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