Make the right choice with South ST. Burger Co

Make the right choice with South ST. Burger Co

A burger company that understands your love for burgers. Being the sister company of New York Fries, South ST Burger Co is a premium gourmet hamburger company that took the fast food category by storm. You will make the right choice with South ST. Burger Co as they raise their beef without any anitbiotics or hormones and is free of MSG(Monosodium Glutamate) , filler & preservatives.

Do you want to know what sets them apart? Well to begin with, they use only the top quality ingredients, which in turn delight your taste buds with great taste! Since today’s consumers are very cautious about what they eat & how its made and they love to live up to their expectations.

Their menu includes fries and onion rings are hand-cut every day and are cooked in non-hydrogenated sunflower oil. Moreover, their flavorsome milkshakes are blended using only premium ice creams.

They are committed to what they do and believe in delivering only the best to their customers.

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