Mantoushe Lebanese Fusion – A Franchise Opportunity

Mantoushe Brand focus

Mantoushe Brand focus

Franchising is a proven successful business model, and it is a known fact that F&B is one of the biggest sectors in the franchise industry. Finding the correct brand to invest with is essential to one’s success. The brand’s concept must stand-out from the market, must be compatible with local demand and must be competitive in every sense.

Mantoushe is exactly that; an exceptional restaurant concept that serves delicious Lebanese Fusion with ingredients that are all freshly baked, chopped and cooked to order. Founded in 2015 in Dubai by a food scientist, Mantoushe has over the years become a daily destination for so many of the city’s residents. The reason behind its success is in offering 5-star quality at an affordable price, flavors that are 100% unique and your meal served in less than 5 minutes!

Why Mantoushe?

Lebanese Fusion

Pillar #1: Lebanese Fusion

Inspired by the delectable Lebanese cuisine, Mantoushe has created a whole new set of flavors that have never been done before! Combining ingredients like Falafel and Guacamole brings a whole new dimension to the word fusion. And if that’s not enough, customers can create the next masterpiece from the build-your-own section on the menu, and who knows, your next creation may be the next trend on their menu!

Pillar #2: Real Food

Mantoushe make everything in-house, from their bread to their sauces. It took years to perfect the process; combining both traditional and modern cooking techniques to ensure that your meal is made from real food. It all starts with sourcing only the highest quality ingredients, and making sure that the food is always cooked to order, right in front of the customer!

The Setup

Lebanese Fusion
Mantoushe’s unique industrial design is made up of an open kitchen, exposed ceilings, and drop-down Edison bulbs. The furniture is made from refurbished pipes, steel & re-salvaged wood which not only is more affordable but also contributes to the authenticity and honesty of the concept & its real food. The kitchen design of Mantoushe is innovative; allowing every store to be self-sustaining in spaces as small as 45 sqm!

Mantoushe’s franchise team works with their partners to select the perfect location, layout a seamless operation, train a pre-opening team and operate franchised locations so that their partners have all the elements it takes to be a success.

Check out their website to know more about who they are and how you can setup a Mantoushe near you!

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