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Founded in 1996 and operating out of Singapore, MBT, which stands for Masai Barefoot Technology, was inspired by Kenya’s Masai tribe, a group that has lived for thousands of years with virtually no joint or back pain.

Powered by its pioneering rocker bottom soles, a design many others have attempted to imitate, MBT claims a 26-year track record of helping people stand, walk, run, work, and play more efficiently and effectively.

MBT is a certified class one medical device in Europe. It remains the only major commercial footwear manufacturer with majority of its shoes accredited by the American Pediatric Medical Association. An accreditation which evinces MBT’s commitment to encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

MBT recognizes the human benefits of health, wellness and staying on the move. MBT’s proprietary heel-strike sensor technology interwoven into each sole caters to heel-strike by absorbing impacts and providing cushioning, smoothly transitioning heel strikes into firm midfoot rolls which complete the rockforward movement and propel during toe-off.

70+ independent studies conducted worldwide have identified the benefits of MBT’s curved-sole footwear, which include improved posture and balance, increased muscle activation, reduced lower back pain, and enhanced recovery.

MBT Index simplifies the process of finding the right level of MBT shoe for your needs.

MBT aims to help people all round the world to lead a healthier life. Walking in MBT everyday increases muscular activity, not only in your feet but throughout the body. MBT strengthens the principal muscles of the legs, feet and back. The result: you will be physically stronger just from using MBT in your everyday life.

MBT is physiological footwear

it does a lot more than conventional shoes. It is specifically designed to strengthen your body, help to prevent injury and in recovery or rehabilitation after injury. More than 26 years of research have gone into its design, which allows the human body to adopt the ideal posture when walking or standing. Eventually producing an improved quality of life.

Thanks to the unique design of the sole, MBT changes hard, flat surfaces for uneven, soft surfaces. This generates natural instability under your feet to which the body will automatically respond by increasing muscular activity in a natural way. This increased activity activates forgotten muscles and improves posture and gait, lessening the impact on the back and the knees and hips.

Conventional shoes balance the body in an artificial way and make some muscles stop working. Unlike conventional shoes, MBT retains the natural balancing motion of the foot and recruits the whole muscular system of the body. This creates natural instability which activates the muscles that have been inactive for so long with positive effects for the whole body.

MBT reduces pressure on the heel and so is beneficial for problems like heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis in the Achilles tendon and arthrosis. It also reduces the impact experienced at the knee.

More franchising details are available on their website: https://mbt.com

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