Meme’s Curry: A one of a kind Japanese restaurant

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With the popularity of Japanese cuisine, different Japanese restaurant concepts likely emerge to adapt to different customers’ demands and cultures. Meme’s Curry is conceptualized in the Middle East to satisfy your cravings for authentic Japanese curry.

Meme’s Curry is a one of a kind Japanese restaurant and the star product on their menu is its Japanese curry. Meme's Special Japanese Curry

The restaurant provides an urban dine-in experience which resembles the Japanese street food concept. This type of environment relaxes the customers and makes the restaurant the perfect place to meet with family and friends.

Meme’s Curry started as a home business in 2013 by its CEO and Founder, Chef Shehab Al-Attar. He utilized social media advertisement and had only one driver to distribute home deliveries.

In the following months, his partner, Yousef Ghareeb and his friends participated in exhibitions and they came up with the statement: “Japanese themed restaurant with Kuwaiti staff”.

On the 5th of October 2014, Meme’s Curry Restaurant was born.


Meme's Monster CurryMeme’s Curry brought their special Japanese curry sauce to Kuwait. They are now expanding to the rest of the Middle East.

Be part of Meme’s Curry success, learn more about their franchise program.

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