Mom’s Touch – Food just like from Mother

MOM’s TOUCH means the thoughtful hand of a mother. It’s just like a fine meal prepared with the best ingredients by your own Mom.

At Mom’s Touch, it’s all about making healthier, happier, better tomorrow through our dining services.

Mom’s Touch is Korea’s No.1 Chicken & Burger Brand. It is a franchise brand that devotes to providing slow cooked food with a caring mind like that of a mother. Their differentiation strategy of filling portions, high affordability and implementation of order to cooking system makes their brand superior. We provide various flavors of fried chicken and whole thigh chicken patty burgers.

moms touch

‍As of 2021 June there are 1,333 stores in operation all over the country with systematic franchise management and spirit of co-prosperity.

Since 2014, they have emphasized the importance of logistics system and increased investment to build a production factory and logistics center to adapt a vertical systemization of supply chain. This is their key to providing fresh and differentiated products efficiently. Through their logistics system, franchisees are provided with top notch raw materials 3 times weekly with the best quality. They also produce and distribute processed chicken products at attractive prices to wholesalers, hypermarkets, retails, catering and popular restaurant businesses.

They firmly stick to the “Made to order” system to provide the best quality foods. As if a mother prepares a meal for her family, they always put our customers first.

Quality and flavors of their menus are unique to Mom’s Touch and such aspect enable them to satisfy their customers in the rapidly changing fast food market. Through vertical integration, Mom’s Touch built their own Logistics system to deliver only the freshest ingredients at its best quality.

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