More excuses to enjoy your iScream

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Ice cream is for everyone, as it has no age, culture or any barrier that stops one from enjoying it. With this in mind and a passion for delivering the best flavors around the world, the journey of iScream begian. You now have more excuses to enjoy your iScream, let us find out why.

Story of iScream

They are funky, fresh, young and bubbly. They scream for fun, for friends and a colorful, passionate and sociable life. You can find them on facebook, instagram and youtube. And they can bet you a thousand screams that you’ll never hear a silent note or a boring ping coming out your way. They promise to do things the loud way.


And that’s not all! They have no age, but they are wise. They are sweet and simple. Moreover, they promise to excite you, delight you and take you to the most exotic places with their flavors.

Because Ice Cream is at the heart of their business, and they take it pretty seriously. That is why they  actually scream about it. Further, not only do they have tasty flavors, they also want to make sure they change the world; a change for a better, happier and eco-friendly environment.

They also serve Sorbets, hot and cold beverages and some really unique combinations with a twist in taste. All their outlets have clean, simple and artistic ambience that makes them stand out from the crowd. Further, they also cater to events apart from retailing from counters, kiosks, carts in UAE and the region.

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