My Eyelab – Eyecare made just for you

The importance of eye care and growing demand for good quality products is something that many people are not aware of.
As a result of the growing popularity in sun protection and advancements in eyewear technology, the market for high-quality products specifically designed for use with eyes has also surged. If you are looking for products that can improve your vision and protect your eyes from damage, it is important to look for brands that have been designed with eye health in mind.

Finding the ideal pair of glasses is enjoyable at My Eyelab, a modern, fresh appearance and technology-based experience.

2013 – My Eyelab originally set up shop in Florida. My Eyelab has been at the forefront of ocular telemedicine in the optical business since 2016 by utilizing their patented, cutting-edge software technology to offer patients a cutting-edge eye test that is secure, dependable, and cheap.

In order to transmit significant savings to you, My Eyelab designs its own frames and collaborates directly with eyewear manufacturers. With more than 2,000 frames available for women, men, and children, as well as the top contact lens manufacturers, they provide distinctive designs and designer brands.

They use the newest equipment and computerized machinery. Each pair is made to order by the lab professionals who cut, polish, and grind lenses. The customer’s chosen frames are attached with the manufactured lenses. After that, the glasses go through a quality control inspection before being sent to the shop, where customers can pick them up.

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