MyCalorieBank – World’s first human energy bank

Have you ever dreamed of using your energy as money? What if you could go for a run and save the calorie spent in a bank or wallet to spend on things you enjoy? Does this all sound like a Sci-fi movie script to you? Because it is for real! MyCalorieBank – World’s first human energy bank.

How does MyCalorieBank work?

MyCalorieBank is a global platform app on mobiles that banks the calories used by people in their daily walking or running activities. It stores the energy and transforms it into currency with the universal criteria – calories. And that has unified exchange rate all over the world. The energy saved in calorie bank account can be used for payments and charity.


Calorie Bank balance will simply depend on the level of daily activities. All up to people and controlled by people. It is estimated that over an average person’s life, about 60 million kilocalories are used. Thus everyone are energy millionaire and now they are able to use their calories for their own good and make society better.

Franchising with MyCalorieBank

MyCalorieBank opted for franchising business model as the best option to implement their mission statement and give value to human energy. Franchisee is the most important cornerstone to make the platform global. Meanwhile, it offers users to spend their calories locally. The Franchisees develop their business using the business-ready MyCalorieBank platform and mobile app. Likewise use the knowledge of the local market and consumers’ habits, to attract diverse and market attractive offers from companies. They offer global market business opportunity.

In turn, MyCalorieBank provides 24/7 technical, IT and advisory support to help franchisee to grow its own business. Above all, the franchisee is an ambassador and integral part of MyCalorieBank brand.

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