OnlyRoses – A store dedicated to luxurious and distinctive roses

A rose is considered both the king and queen of flowers. For the longest time in history, they have been associated with love, royalty and luxury. There are thousands of cultivars with over 300 species that have been deliberately selected for certain colors or features. They all have mouthwatering aromas and have evolved into endearing representations of fashion, glamour, and romance. They are now available in a wide variety of forms to fit every individual, every setting, and every occasion thanks to recent invention, making them a truly luxury gift or ornament.

Established in London more than ten years ago, OnlyRoses is a high-end gifting brand that offers innovation through its distinctive design cues and genuine luxury experience.

Innovating with distinctive design elements, providing a wide selection of the world’s finest, artisanal fresh-cut roses, and with their signature Infinite Roses—real roses that survive a year without water—OnlyRoses is best recognized for their spectacular arrangements fashioned with the finest fresh roses. The exquisite selection of gifts from OnlyRoses is the ultimate expression of gratitude and leaves a lasting impression. You can place order online, over the phone, or in one of the brand’s high-end retail outlets, which are present in six nations.

We provide one-of-a-kind arrangements fashioned with the finest fresh roses, ideal for the really personalized gift, but our long-lasting Infinite Roses® are what we are best known for. Our OnlyRoses collections are especially chosen for exceptional people, unique events, and noteworthy occasions like the 2019 Oscars in Hollywood. The OnlyRoses brand is active online and in upscale shops in six nations..

OnlyRoses is dedicated to its employees and the environment. All their products are ethically sourced. As they care deeply about the people and the communities they work with, and make an effort to bring about constructive change while preserving their history.

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