Over seven decades of Sound at Miracle-Ear

Miracle-Ear has been at the forefront of superior hearing healthcare since its inception in 1948, boasting a rich history of 75 years dedicated to innovation and customer service. As a pioneer in the hearing devices industry, Miracle-Ear operates both franchised and corporately-owned retail centers across the United States, with a vast network of over 1,500 locations.

Founder Ken Dahlberg, an American hero who served in the Army Air Corps during World War II, established Miracle-Ear after his innovative pillow radio concept for hospital patients was rejected. In 1948, Dahlberg Inc. was born, marking the beginning of Miracle-Ear. The brand’s commitment to innovation led to the invention of the first Miracle-Ear hearing aid, incorporating transistors to make them smaller and nearly invisible. In 1955, they introduced the first all-in-the-ear hearing aid, eliminating the need for long cords, a groundbreaking achievement.

Ken Dahlberg’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to improving lives through better hearing have endured for 75 years. Today, Miracle-Ear Centers nationwide continue his legacy, helping millions of people experience better hearing.

Miracle-Ear’s position as a hearing healthcare leader is strengthened by a dedicated and experienced team. Choosing a Miracle-Ear hearing aid means investing in 75 years of industry expertise, best-in-class products with cutting-edge digital technology, and a lifetime of aftercare at no charge. With over 1,500 locations nationwide, customers benefit from the accessibility of care provided by licensed, certified, and extensively trained hearing care professionals. The peace of mind extends further with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, coupled with a 3-year limited warranty and 3-year loss and damage protection.

Miracle-Ear’s unwavering commitment to innovation, service, and building lasting relationships has positioned it as a trusted industry leader, ensuring that customers receive the best possible hearing solutions and care.

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