Pistachio crepes – The nutty affair

Did you know that pistachios have excellent health benefits. They are loaded with nutrients and are high in antioxidants. They are good for the heart, gut and the waistline. In addition, they also control blood sugar levels and decrease acne. However, the painful process of removing the shells can slow you down from preparing and enjoying them as an interesting dessert. And this could very well be motivation enough to buy these pistachio desserts and enjoy them. Pistachio crepes – The nutty affair can thus be classified as a healthy and delicious dessert.

About Pistachio Crepe


Pistachio Crepe shops for serving original crepes was started in 2015. With skill and expertise in doing what they do best, Pistachio crepe soon organically grew into a successful shop. They started with a limited capacity manufacturing factory. And with consistent perseverance and determination, they reached out to more and more customers. And this, in turn, leads to expanding their business with more branches and locations.

Today they have added, a variety of more products to the list of crepes that they serve. This was done with the help of an experienced and talented french chef. They also boast of high quality of products, that match any international brand. In other words, they carefully select all the raw materials locally and ensure they are free of preservatives, coloring or flavouring agents.

Pistachio Crepe outlets are now a popular joint that attracts the young and old for an enjoyable experience. They serve a variety of crepes and other desserts.


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