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Poke Poke was started by health and fitness enthusiasts. They were looking for delicious options that are better than raw salad. And when they found no poke place to eat at, they decided to open Poke Poke their own best poke bowl in Dubai. ‘Poke’ is pronounced like ‘okay’ and it means chunk or a piece of cubed fish in Hawaiian. This traditional Hawaiian dish has been trending around the globe in the last few years and is an instant hit with seafood lovers.

What is in the poke bowl?

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Traditionally poke referred to raw chunks of marinated tuna or salmon. However, Poke Poke also offers chicken and eggs. And for the vegetarians and vegans, tofu is the preferred choice. The base can be either veggies or mixed green salad. Or for a fuller option you can choose from white rice, wild rice or quinoa. The marinade is made from tamari instead of soy sauce to reduce the saltiness or sesame oil. They also have plenty of other garnish and sauce options to choose from as you like.

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Poke Poke Company Profile

Poke Poke is the UAE’s first poke restaurant. Their value proposition is a fresh, healthy, delicious, and quick meal. From fresh salmon and silky avocado to spicy cashews and toasted coconut, they offer a wide variety of ingredients to make each visit uniquely tasty!

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