Quality cream puffs made with love from Chewy Junior Puff

We all remember vividly our childhood snacks that we enjoyed. One such memorable brand for the Singaporeans is snacks from Chewy Junior Puff. Loved by both children and adults, their quality cream puffs are made with love to be enjoyed by all.

When you bite into a Chewy Junior Puff, you’ll immediately realize that it’s not just any old pastry. Outside is crispy, but the inside is soft and chewy. Because of its “Open” and “Fresh” concept, Chewy Junior attracts throngs of people and excitement. Every Chewy Junior location opens to a long line of customers.

Each cream puff is expertly baked, crisp on the exterior and chewy on the inside, using only the best ingredients as part of our promise to bring you joy in every bite. Chewy Junior is a dream come true for its creator, Kevin Ong. What originally began as an unintentional invention has since transformed into a dynamic business with passion and creativity at its foundation. A committed team works behind the scenes to energize the brand and propel it forward. At each of our outlets in Singapore, more than a thousand puffs are sold every day, making Chewy Junior the greatest at spreading happiness.

Chewy Junior Brand Manager: Troy Franklin – troy@worldfranchiseassociates.com

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