Quppacaffe: A Unique Turkish Cafe Concept

Quppa Cafe Turkish CoffeeTurkish coffee is known to be a strong aromatic coffee, that’s been popularized around the world, especially in European and Middle Eastern regions. Turkish cafe concepts are now being patronized by costumers around the globe.

In 2015 two passionate entrepreneurs devoted themselves to create a new and unique concept for a café which would create signature desserts, meals and coffee.

To achieve this goal, they travelled three different continents where they researched different flavours, tastes and improved their designing skills. The result of their hard work and research was Quppacaffe, a café with a unique design and atmosphere.

This café uses an open kitchen concept and creates brand specific products. This made a big difference and created a niche business for Quppacaffe. These specific characteristics made the brand not just a 3rd wave coffee shop but a new 4th wave coffee shop.

”You can leave yourself to freshness with Quppacaffe.”


Quppacaffe is now available for franchising in the Middle East. Please visit Quppacaffe website for more details.


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