Rapid expansion of Chicken Plus

chicken plus

Chicken Plus is a brand that has been established by gathering the expertise of chicken, pizza and Topokki with many experience. It is a prestigious Korean style chicken franchising system has proved success record across countries. The rapid expansion of Chicken Plus franchising across the world proves that their customers are falling in love with their food.

Growth Spike of Chicken Plus

Chicken Plus

The brand was launched few years back, but has seen enormous growth in its sector over the years. They are currently located in South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia and China. They have recently even moved to Canada.

  • 2016. 9 Launched Brand, Opened Seong-San 1 Branch, Korea
  • 2017. 9 Opened 100th Branch
  • 2017. 12 Opened 127th Branch (Currently opening 10~15 stores per month)
  • 2018. 2 Opened Malaysia 1 Branch
  • 2018. 9. Opened Malaysia 4 Branch
  • 2019. 1 Opened Vietnam 1 Branch
  • 2019. 3 Opened Malaysia 5 Branch
  • 2019. 4. Opened 310th Branch

The brand guarantees highest quality Chicken prepared by their team of R&D experts, a  delicious Topokki developed by the founder of famous Topokki brand and delicious Italian-style thin pizza.

Chicken Plus Chicken Plus

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