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Designed in Japan, Kenkoh uses the ancient principles of acupressure to stimulate and soothe the feet and the entire body. You are assured a daily reflexology treat with Kenkoh Japanese Massage footwear.

Each pair of Kenkoh footwear has almost 1,000 rubber nodules which are uniquely designed and clinically proven to stimulate the foot’s reflex points in order to revitalise the body, improve circulation, better posture, restore overall balance and improve one’s mood. The massaging footbed is designed to replicate the ancient reflexology treatments its founder, Mr. Yamanashi had researched and perfected over 50 years ago.

About Kenkoh:

Established in 1965, Kenkoh is the original home of massage footwear, engineered in Japan to the ancient principles of reflexology. The word Kenkoh translates to “health” in Japanese, and it is this philosophy that guides the brand’s designs to this day.

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Our Story


Traditional Japanese Geta

In 1949, Mr. Kyu-kichi Yamanashi established a small shoe factory, manufacturing traditional Japanese Geta footwear in the provincial town of Shizuoka in Japan. After suffering from tuberculosis, Mr. Kyu-kichi began to experiment with ancient oriental feet treatments including ‘take-fumi’ – walking on bamboo shoots – and ‘soku-sin-do’ Japanese acupressure. The impact on his health was remarkable. Mr. Yamanashi made a dramatic recovery, and got inspired to apply these ancient healing principles into the designs of traditional Japanese shoes.

Kenkoh, the first massage sandal was born in 1965. Today, the Yamanashi family continues to design and manufacture Kenkoh using the highest craftsmanship and technology standards, with the aim of promoting an overall state of wellbeing and happiness.

A reliable franchise partner


Kenkoh’s vision is to foster an overall state of wellbeing and happiness to people of all ages around the world, through helping them walk better in different stages of their lives.  Over the years, Kenkoh has successfully built a complete system from NPD, product manufacturing, sales techniques, and marketing standards to bring the very best in global practices to all of its franchisees.

The business model has proven its sustainability through the pandemic with its strong online growth, and continues to open new locations. In addition, several influencers today wear Kenkoh, which boosts even further the brands’ appeal. All partners will not only be offered a proven business model, but also the utmost support at every stage of business development.

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