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Cryotherapy is a unique and safe treatment that is taking the wellness world by storm! This method of exposing the body to extreme cold temperatures must be done by experts for maximum results. Cryotherapy is one of the fastest growing health and wellness concept. There are now specialised dedicated centres that offer you these benefits. For instance, you could rejuvenate and heal with °CRYO Stay Young franchise, who are industry leaders in cryotherapy.

What is Cryotherapy?

It is the local or general exposure of the body to subzero temperatures to promote 5 key benefits.

  • Muscle recovery
  • Pain Management
  • Health & wellness
  • Beauty & anti aging
  • Weight loss

Facts and Figures:

Cryo stay young

°CRYO Stay Young was launched in 2013. They have grown their presence in UAE, Kuwait, Turkey, Argentina, Australia, Bahrain and Thailand.

°CRYO Services which offers Cryogenic gas supply started in 2014. They currently have more than 150 gas accounts and have delivered 3,600,000+ litres of cryogenic gas.

°CRYO Science division refers to the cryotherapy equipment manufacturer and innovator which was established in 2015. They come with CE Certification and have installed 225+ °CRYO Science equipments globally. At °CRYO Science they focus on delivering the world’s safest cryotherapy treatments for high volume commercial use, with the single objective of allowing you to thrive in your industry be it healthcare, sports, beauty or gastronomy.

What is °CRYO franchise?

Cryo stay young

  • °CRYO are the world leaders in cryotherapy treatments and equipment.
  • Moreover they deliver more daily cryotherapy treatments than any other company worldwide.
  • In addition, °CRYO also has a team of specialists trained in all areas of franchising and specializing in °CRYO.
  • Their architects will help to design your °CRYO space for maximum effectiveness, carefully consider aesthetics alongside treatment space whilst our engineers and technicians will install, test and prepare all of the Cryotherapy Equipment ready for your first customers.
  • The size of a typical °CRYO unit is between 600 square feet and 2,000 square feet. °CRYO serves multicultural middle to high-income customers with an average of 20 to 25 treatments per day per unit.

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