Roadster Diner creates a powerful bond through food

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The most common expression of love is by sharing a meal. Our best memories usually linger around an enjoyable time shared with loved ones over great food. Holidays and celebrations all evolve are gathering with family and friends for delicious food. Roadster Diner understands that food has the power to bring back some of our childhood memories of home and familiarity of the past. Therefore, Roadster Diner creates a powerful bond through the food they serve in their homely ambiance.

At Roadster Diner, they believe that the burgers, the fries, they all power the moments around the table. They spice up your stories. They fuel the laughs, the tears and everything in between. It’s the best kind of emotional eating. And they do everything to keep these emotions alive for you.

Kicked off with a passion for food and service

Fueled with passion for great moments through great food, they started their operations in 1998. They opened their first diner in Ashrafieh, Lebanon. They aimed to create the most welcoming and authentic diner experience for their customers. So when they kicked off with a passion for food and great service, the city responded back with love. In other words, the customers filled their diner booths all around the clock.

Constant growth with a commitment

Their commitment to great service and the best food helped them grow consistently. The Beirut delivery centre opened in 1999. The Jal el Dib restaurant in 2002. The outlets in ABC Dbayeh  and Ashrafieh grew too. 2017 was another landmark year for Roadster Diner with another restaurant in Brummana, revamped their Ashrafieh branch in Restos St. Nicholas and a brand new outlet in ABC Verdun.

Roadster Diner continues to grow with over 18 dine-in restaurants and 7 delivery centres. This customer-centric brand has won many hearts all while surpassing their expectations and delivering the most memorable experience.

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