Saying Yes to Ne Ne Chicken

nene chicken

A story of how a simple man who hoped to create a better world, has transformed his dreams by serving hearty, fresh enriching food as a way of spreading positivity and happiness. “NeNe” means “Yes Yes” in Korean. Ne Ne also refers to the Asian philosophy of Flow, the principle that presides over consciousness, happiness, enjoyment of life and other positive aspects of being. Saying Yes to Ne Ne Chicken is something that has helped the brand reach rapid success with plenty of love from its customers across the world.

Story of Ne Ne Chicken

nene chicken nene chicken

Ne Ne Chicken has been serving authentic Korean fried chicken since 1999. At NeNe Chicken you get to experience deliciously marinated, moist on the inside and crunchy on the outside pieces of chicken served with their choice of authentic Korean sauces that represents the culture’s taste buds.

C.H. Hyun, the founder of Ne Ne Chicken, was a man with a dream. That dream was to be more than just a good neighbor and good friend, but to be able to share his personal philosophy of “Happy Spirit” with those around him. And it was that dream and attitude that led him to choose to sell more than merely a piece of chicken, but to provide comfort and nourishment and joy.

Hyun’s humble beginnings gave him a unique perspective. In his early years while working on a farm his curious and positive nature enabled him to developed his philosophy. That philosophy gave him a desire to share his positive energy, regardless of his situation. And so it was destiny that, in 1999, after many years working on the farm, led him to branch out into the food delivery business. Supplying his neighborhood nearby Seoul with delicious and nutritious comfort food seemed to be a natural progression.

Ne Ne Chicken instantly became one of the favorite chicken brands in Korea. They only use all natural ingredients with no artificial flavor, and fresh, wholesome tasting chicken.

Live well, enjoy life, and share your happiness with family and friends every single moment, that’s the Ne Ne way.

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