Stay Fit with Clever Fit studio concept

The Clever Fit studio concepts enable you to offer personalized training and user experiences that promote and support a healthy and active lifestyle to a broad target group. Standardized processes, studio designs, technical equipment and innovative and digitalized features enable rapid scaling and return on investment.

In 2004, the first Clever Fit studio opened in Munich, laying the cornerstone for a vision. As founder and CEO of Clever Fit GmbH, Alfred Enzensberger has been managing the company’s fortunes ever since. And he has done so on a full expansion course with the aim of further increasing the scalability of his fitness franchise concept. Clever Fit is one of the most efficient franchise systems and leading fitness chains in Europe. Close cooperation between franchisors and franchisees have led to best practice processes. Digitalization and diversity pave the way for further growth in global markets and the development into an international brand.

The training and support offered by Clever Fit include individual support and business processes that are consistently developed and implemented from the headquarters by sales, franchise management and fitness & health experts. In addition, you benefit equally from the brand development, the stringent brand management as well as the possibility of training your employees in the in-house academy.

Clever Fit currently owns 496 units and operates in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherland, Slovenia and Switzerland. They are looking to grow and expand their reach worldwide.

For more information you can reach out to Clever Fit Brand Manager: Winona Gagan –

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