SULBING presents Healthy Korean Desserts

sulbing logo

A brand leader in traditional dessert culture, SULBING presents healthy Korean desserts to the world. With an innovative and continuously changing menu, they create popular healthy desserts using traditional Korean ingredients. In addition they offer a variety of seasonal drinks too.

sulbing SULBING has a warm and tender sensibility that meets Korean tradition and modern sense.

SULBING pursues its own sensibility of. what a Korean dessert café should be. With the concept of comfortable spaces. which mixes tradition with modernity, SULBING’s BI is also inspired by a beauty of Korea.

SULBING’s logo was made using Korean letter calligraphy, and it expresses SULBING’s warm and sentimental brand image.

The brand motif embodies SULBING’s entrepreneurship which is flexible, dynamic, smooth, and upright.

SULBING will continue to put in efforts to improve the quality of taste and service, in order to improve customer satisfaction. They also work to create an environment where you can feel healing based on well-being and customer satisfaction as a priority. In addition, they will lead the globalization of Korean desserts beyond the domestic market.

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