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Imagine a huge man-made lake with a giant plunger that creates numerous waves for every minute. Well you don’t have to imagine it if you visit Surf Lakes, the best wave pool franchise facility created for fun and learning. Surf Lakes was created to meet the increasing demand for artificial wave facility around the world.

Unique Franchise Opportunity

“It all started from a ripple really. I was throwing rocks into water with the kids when the idea hit me. What followed was a lot of research, looking at how nature makes waves, how one swell interacts with multiple reefs and beaches. Nature was the inspiration because we wanted the waves to be as natural as possible.”-Aaron Trevis, Founder and CEO

Surf Lakes was founded in 2016 in Australia. It commenced its franchising in 2020.

Everyone Gets a Break

Surf Lakes technology offers up to 2000 waves per hour. In addition, it allows licensees to create incredibly profitable wave parks for all levels of surfers and surf craft. Moreover, add in 360 degrees of water front perimeter, an excellent F&B and retail experience plus lake-facing accommodation and the potential is endless.

  • Most waves per hour in this space – 2000 waves per hour
  • Suitable for ALL levels of surfers from beginner to advanced at once
  • Ideal for further perimeter revenue opportunities
  • Genuine community infrastructure appeal with broad community benefit
  • Attractive ROI timeframes

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