Experience Life Changing Team Training at F45 Training

F45 Training was founded in Australia in 2013 and is a global fitness community known to focus on creating effective, quick, and enjoyable group workouts. It is also one of the world’s fastest-growing fitness franchise networks.

In a market where fitness products are fiercely competitive, F45 has created a cutting-edge and user-friendly training program. Their program is made to be easily adaptable to changing fitness trends and to satisfy the demands of contemporary consumers for time-effective, results-driven, and socially focused workouts. F45 Training has expanded to more than 3300 studios sold in more than 67 countries since the opening of our first location in 2013.

Their three pillar of values are


Other nearby fitness centers are not like us. Our functional fitness training programs constantly change due to our enormous content library, which has thousands of different training exercises, making nearly no two workouts the same.


Goals are attained and exceeded in a pulsating, positive environment created by the inspiration and support found in group training facilities. Our objective is to establish a neighborhood and safe haven with friendly and supportive trainers. Our studios are consistent with a clear brand style and layout and lack mirrors, mics, or egos.


At F45 Training, the endurance of our workouts over time supports our members. All of our members have free access to a personalized nutrition program that includes daily meal plans, tracking tools, and social support to help them reach their health goals. You’re invited to the F45 Challenge.

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