The future is bright with Batteries Plus

Looking for the tiny spare in electronics or unable to figure out why some equipment is faulty or just finding the correct batteries for your machine can be a daunting task. But worry no more, just head to the nearest Batteries Plus franchise. Their teams are subject-matter experts, and their superior service is what makes them stand out.

Batteries Plus plays a key role in numerous industries that they serve. They offer a variety of lines of service, including franchises for battery stores, cell phone repair shops, and lightning companies. They offer battery, lighting, smart home, key fob, and phone repair solutions.

1988- In Green Bay, Wisconsin, a single store called Batteries Plus opened its doors. The initial team’s mission was straightforward: to meet consumers’ needs by combining high-quality products with excellent technological expertise.

Today – With more than 700 sites around the country, Batteries Plus is currently the largest and fastest-growing battery business in the country. Their stores offer tens of thousands of items, from commonplace items to rare finds, to their millions of customers. Customers also value the convenience of services like key fob programming, phone repair, battery testing, and many others.

Why they do what they do

Customers have distinct needs and Batteries Plus helps identify those needs and come up with the best available solutions.

You could be a student who needs their phone fixed or a fisherman who need a new battery for his boat. A mother who wants her vehicle batteries installed or tested, or a family who needs to power their RV for a cross-country journey. the business owner who must supply energy to a single company vehicle or a fleet. Batteries Plus provides solutions to all, both small and big clients for both personal and professional purposes.

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