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There are many ways to relax amidst our busy lifestyle. Massage is on the top of the list for relaxing our body. Regular massage is proven to help with stress, aid relaxation and raise alertness. In addition, they assist in recovery from treatment and surgery. But for most, massage is still occasional. In addition, often of mediocre quality and frequently expensive. Therefore The Massage Company stands out as good value for money. They aim to make massage vital and routine for a better and balanced quality of life. Their vision is to bring high-quality massage to the mainstream.

In March 2016, the first branch of The Massage Company opened in Camberley, England. Many years’  have been dedicated to the opening of the first Membership Based Massage Business outside America. There are now centres in Tunbridge Wells, High Wycombe, Sutton Coldfield and in 2020 the first London centre will open.

The Massage Company has developed a process to initially attract customers. Subsequently, they recruit them into membership. Membership programmes are common in the Gym and Fitness Centre sector. This acts as means to retain customers and promote the use of the facilities.

They have a full marketing programme to attract new customers for an initial massage. This gives the opportunity for potential members to experience high-quality and lower cost massage. Furthermore, in comfortable and well-equipped surroundings.

Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage and Maternity Massage are offered. Each of which can be upgraded to further improve their effectiveness. For instance, by adding hot stones, aromatherapy or a scalp massage. Lastly, do not miss out on their unique ‘Fantastic Foot Treatment’.

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