The Real STEM Experience from Engino

Childrens’ education franchise is evolving from rudimentary teaching to more innovation learning systems. STEM experience is a technique that allows the child to be more engaged in the learning process. Engino is a brand built to deliver such real STEM experience to children.

Costas Sisamos started Ltd in Cyprus in 2004. He spent ten years teaching design and technology in primary schools while holding degrees in both mechanical engineering and education.

He began developing a new system of modular connectors with the goal of encouraging his students to become better problem solvers and future inventors. This system would allow them to construct completely functional technology models quickly and easily.

The initial three years of development were sponsored by the European Union’s award of research funding, and the first ENGINO® sets were introduced in 2007, garnering interest from toy shoppers and education experts throughout the world.

The system’s innovative ability to snap fit on numerous sites while keeping straightforward manufacturing techniques was a feature that unlocked tremendous possibilities. Since its introduction, the system has won numerous national and international accolades, and the company’s R&D team is working on new developments that will advance ENGINO® to the third generation of construction toys. Today, ENGINO® is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the industry, offering a product range of more than 50 distinct sets, ranging from straightforward structures and mechanisms to solar energy sets and wireless robotics. This success is demonstrated by the most recent expansion to a new, completely automated plant in Cyprus, which has introduced vertical integration from conception through manufacturing and retail and has raised the bar for production in Europe.

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