The rise of Just Burger

Just Burger Logo

It all started with two Emirati men who wanted a real high quality burger, then they ended up making it themselves. And so, the Just Burger chain was born. A fine casual fast-growing premium burger restaurant chain.

The founders set out to only use high quality beef that would come from quality caring places. For that, all of the beef that Just Burger serves come without adding any extra hormones or antibiotics.

This fine choice results in a much higher quality burger. Just Burger came to life because the founders totally believe this is what a burger fans needs.

Just Burger Box

Just Burger Box

They strive to become the real burger taste that their customers trust them to make. That’s why they make their burgers with fresh ingredients of the best quality and adapted to customers’ taste.

Just Burger is now owned and managed by the Global Corp Group (whom we wrote about few days back). They have a very strong franchising backbone, which make us believe Just Burger is not just another burger brand.

Worth mentioning also their sister brands, Just Fresh and Doner Basha, both owned and managed by GCG.

On the other hand, their Facebook page is plagued by negative reviews, as they seem to have issues with food delivery during COVID-19. Last negative review dates back to Jan 2021, which indicates they have sorted out this issue.

For The Just Burger Franchisees

Just Burger is a powerful known brand identity, with carefully chosen menu offerings. They have comprehensive employee training programs, innovative marketing and hands-on operational support.

Those are some good reasons why the Just Burger franchise holds a dominant position in the artisan “quality burger” segment.

You can get more info about franchising requirements from this link here.

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