The Smash Room – A Unique Concept

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Instead of slamming your phone against the ground or punching a hole in the wall or flipping a table, you can come to The Smash Room and shatter, break, stomp, tear, yell, and embrace an animalistic release you can only find here, a therapy that doesn’t involve reflection, a meditation that doesn’t involve soul searching. The idea for The Smash Room was inspired by difficult times in Hiba & Ibrahim’s lives. Hiba was dealing with the loss of her grandmother; Ibrahim was going through a divorce. And the traditional, peaceful coping mechanisms just weren’t cutting it. So Hiba took old junk into the backyard and smashed it to bits. It made her feel massively better. Then came that lightbulb moment. She teamed up with Ibrahim, her best friend and partner in crime, to bring you this badass version of a spa day!

Why Franchise The Smash Room?!

When you buy our franchise, you’ll become part of the business by becoming an owner! You will
have a proven operating system handed to you, an excellent and efficient supply chain, a
national marketing plan made at the hands of our top marketing team, a complete training
program for your staff, and ongoing support from us!

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