The Sola Salons Revolution in the Beauty Community

Established in 2004, Stratton Smith and Matt Briger, founders of Sola Salons, envisioned transforming the conventional salon experience. Sola Salons emerged as a provider of ready-to-move-in studios for a thriving community, helping beauty professionals build a fulfilling life and career.

As the fastest-growing salon studio business, Sola Salons accommodates 20,000 industry-leading beauty professionals. Sola’s success lies in its commitment to prioritizing beauty professionals. Sola, along with studio space, offers a full-fledged support system that empowers entrepreneurs to have independent salon ownership.

Sola’s brand promise is simple but profound. To inspire and support beauty professionals in chasing their dreams, elevating their careers, and experiencing the freedom of salon ownership. Sola gives freedom to the customization of salon space, allowing individuals to set their preferred pricing, thereby fostering the growth of their brand and career.


Sola Salons embodies empowerment, excellence, care, inclusivity, and freedom as its core values. It tailors its offerings exclusively for the independent beauty community, providing move-in-ready studios, ongoing support, educational resources, and cutting-edge technology solutions. The goal is to empower beauty professionals to live their best lives by offering unparalleled opportunities for growth and success.

Sola’s success story is not just about providing a physical space. It’s about nurturing a vibrant community where like-minded people celebrate each other’s successes. With over 650+ locations in the United States, Sola Salons has the largest network of independent beauty professionals. This truly is a testament to the brand’s commitment to building a supportive and thriving community.

Sola Salons Studios is a symbol of empowerment and motivation for independent beauty professionals in the beauty industry.

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