Unforgettable experience from handmade Spun Candy

Spun candy

Most of our best memories of childhood revolve around bright and colorful candies that we enjoyed as kids. This unique and exceptional candy store, promises you an unforgettable experience from handmade Spun Candy. What more, you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy these candies, they are for all to enjoy.

Unique Candy creation

Spun Candy is a British artisan maker of high quality, hand-crafted candy. Since its 2013 launch in central London, the joys of Spun Candy have spread far beyond its UK roots. Their unique candy creations, premium confectionery, live candy theatre and exclusive candy masterclasses are being enjoyed within the UK, the U.S., Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Dubai and Egypt.

Moreover, they make all their sweets, lollipops and confectionery by hand in their super-fragrant candy making stores, which captivate and gratify the senses, while creating experiences that stimulate the imagination. All these creations are for sale in our store, featuring many great British classics such as London Mix or local favourites like Almond Dragees and our Dubai Mix.

During their classes, the master candy makers will show you how candy is made and then you have the opportunity to make your own! Plus you get to take home all the candy you have created, as a great memory of a truly unique experience. You can also buy all their delicious products from their candy stores to enjoy them yourself or to gift to your family and friends. Further, their products are created using only traditional methods and the finest ingredients. Most importantly, their lollipops and hard candy are vegan-friendly and all their products are vegetarian and are gelatin, gluten & GM free! Products produced in the GCC are Halal.

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