Unique platform content at dal.komm COFFEE

Coffee franchise has been one of the most popular franchise businesses in the last decade. However, it is not the same at dal.komm COFFEE where they are pursuing a new F&B platform business by combining diverse cultural content. In other words, this Korean cafe chain has found a special recipe for success by differentiating unique platform content at dal.komm COFFEE.

dal.komm COFFEE was started by its mother company Danal, who is the first generation IT company in Korea. In April 2011 they open their first store at Nonhyeon. They offer customised specialised blend of coffee to suit the customer’s tastes. The interior is designed by Danal and is aimed at customer convenience, comfort and coziness at stores. In addition, they also have trendy visuals that keep the look fresh and upbeat. dal.komm COFFEE is promoted as a music cafe, that showcases their best artists.

Their success can be proved by the number of stores increasing over 50% year on year. Further, they have featured under the top 8 brands for the last 4yrs since the franchise business started. Moreover, the celebrity affiliation of the brand has really helped boost the brand image not just in Korea, but as an International brand across the globe.

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