Weaving Community Stories with Stroll

Since its establishment in 2004, Stroll strongly believe that meaningful engagements with neighbors and local entrepreneurs contribute to a more enriching and fulfilling life experience. Their primary objective is to effortlessly and joyfully acquaint individuals with their community, akin to a leisurely afternoon stroll. Their leading publications have become instrumental in forging more connected lives, resonating with residents in upscale neighborhoods nationwide.

On a monthly basis, Stroll introduces residents to diverse neighbors by featuring their stories and photos, celebrating the richness and uniqueness of community members while fostering a sense of familiarity and shared experiences.

In addition to spotlighting individual stories, Stroll extends its reach by showcasing local businesses through Business Spotlight stories, advertising features, and in-person events. By bringing attention to the faces behind the businesses, they facilitate connections between residents and local entrepreneurs, nurturing a sense of community support and engagement. This multifaceted approach positions Stroll not merely as a magazine but as a dynamic platform actively contributing to the social fabric of neighborhoods.

Formerly recognized as N2 Publishing, Stroll now stands as the flagship product of The N2 Company, a media powerhouse dedicated to community-centric content. The transition from N2 Publishing to Stroll signifies a refined focus on the essence of community connections and the pivotal role our publications play in nurturing them. The name Stroll encapsulates the concept of a leisurely walk through the neighborhood, where encounters with neighbors and local businesses unfold naturally.

The content within the pages of Stroll serves as a catalyst for conversations, fostering a sense of unity and shared identity among neighbors.

Stroll remains steadfast in its commitment to being a positive force within communities, championing neighborly bonds and supporting local businesses.

In essence, Stroll, as the flagship product of The N2 Company, embodies the spirit of community, weaving together the stories of individuals and businesses to form a tapestry of shared experiences. Their journey, rooted in the belief that a connected life is a more meaningful one, continues to unfold with each edition of Stroll, making neighborhoods across the nation more vibrant, welcoming, and united.

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