Yogen Früz – Treat that is good for you

Frozen Yougurt is a recent discovery that has been widely popular amoung the health seekers. There are many reasons why they prefer it. For instance, compared to ice cream, frozen yogurt generally has lower fat content. This can make it a healthier option for those looking to watch their fat intake. 

Moreover, frozen yogurts contain live and active cultures, which are beneficial bacteria that can aid digestion and improve gut health. 

Furthermore, frozen yogurt can be a good source of calcium, protein, and other important nutrients, depending on the brand and flavor. Choosing toppings like fresh fruit or nuts can also add additional vitamins and minerals to your treat. 

Since 1986, Yogen Fruz has been churning freshly made yogurt to order for their clients. They aim to share healthy food that is delicious and helps your well-being with their guilt-free froyo® delicacies.  

It all began with the goal of providing nothing but the best. Two young brothers started a business outlet at Toronto’s Promenade Mall in 1986.  A little store with a fantastic design and a compelling concept captivated one of Canada’s top mall owners, who rightly opted to take a chance on a new tenant with no track record. A concept was created that consumers loved right away, and a significant following ensued. 

Yogen denotes yogurt, while Früz implies “frozen,” “fruit,” and “fresh,” all of which play a role in the Yogen Früz concept.

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