ZEROFAT – fitness revolution through food

Everyone who has trained in sports or fitness will agree that fat is the enemy. And minimising the fat in our body and increases the muscle is what fitness is mostly targeted at. A large part of the population is moving towards a healthier lifestyle and better shape. And a few restaurants have actually dedicated themselves towards this goal. ZEROFAT is one among them, who encourages us to join them in the fitness revolution through food.


Fitness journey with ZEROFAT

ZEROFAT’s story began in 2016 in Al Ain. Pioneering and becoming the first homegrown healthy food restaurant in UAE. This was an initiative from its founder, an Emirati, experienced healthy food connoisseur and bodybuilder. He was able to shepherd his vision and advocacies into ZEROFAT Restaurant. ZEROFAT’s popularity in Al Ain grew stronger since it became the home that embraces everyone who wants to start a healthier lifestyle.


ZEROFAT now delivers monthly meal plans across all Emirates and opened its additional 2 branches in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. They have their own in-house nutritionists that could help you with the meal plan. They provide the taste of international cuisine, prepared by its culinary experts and world-renowned chefs. True to its name, ZEROFAT maintains a healthy standard when it comes to food. For instance, their food does not contain any preservatives, MSG, sugar or trans-fat. So you can enjoy the food, guilt-free.

In addition, they also have initiatives to connect the fans and professional athletes. Subsequently, they also plan to sponsor UAE athletes to promote their brand and the message around the country.

Their mission is to provide delectable, gastronomically tasty premium dishes. And above all, to continue to be an industry leader in providing and promoting good health.


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