Blaze Pizza signs multi-unit development agreements to accelerate growth

The signing of new multi-unit franchise agreements has been announced by Blaze Pizza in an effort to increase the brand’s market share in the South and Northeast. With the signing of these agreements, Blaze will launch its first sites in Maine and expand in Georgia with the development of three new restaurants in the greater Savannah area. These restaurants will be located in fast-growing areas including Westbrook, Brunswick, and Portland. Additionally, the company’s newest unconventional restaurant site on the Tarleton University campus opened earlier this month.

The introduction in Maine will be led by seasoned businessman Jeffrey Martin of the Wildfire Restaurant Group and his wife, Kirsten Martin, who will manage the company’s operations. With prior experience in real estate management and a background in the food business as a Jersey Mike’s franchisee, Martin chose to proceed with Blaze Pizza franchising in order to expand his business portfolio with a well-established brand.

Grant Watkins of the KW Restaurant Group, an established Blaze Pizza franchisee, is further expanding the brand into Georgia. Since 2016, Watkins has been successfully running and opening Blaze Pizza shops as a seasoned restaurant manager and business owner. This month, Blaze Pizza also commemorated the launch of a new store on the campus of Tarleton University. Blaze Pizza joined the Texan Riders at the university’s specific request, introducing the school year’s staff and students to the brand’s unique fast-fired pizzas and dining experience.

“We’re committed to consistently delivering to customers fast-fire’d pizzas featuring 100% clean ingredients and an unforgettable dining experience,” said Ed Yancey, chief development officer at Blaze Pizza. “Jeffrey and Grant are the perfect partners to help us grow we’re excited to support them and their teams as they prepare to open their new locations in the near future. We’re also thrilled to see the outstanding turnout Tarleton State University experienced on the grand opening date of the new Blaze Pizza location.  We’re thankful to be a part of the on-campus community and look forward to giving students and staff the opportunity to create the pizza that best fits their cravings on any given day.”

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