Co-Founder of Launch Entertainment Ranked in Top 10 Admired Women in Franchises

Erin Arnold and her husband, Rob, founded Launch Entertainment in 2012. The inspiration was from a rainy trip to Disney World. Erin began to look for indoor fun activities for the entire family and came across a random trampoline park where her vision was conceived. After doing the math to see if they can open their own park in Rhode Island, they opened their first Launch location with their signature trampolines, a concession stand, and five arcade games. Which soon evolved into a massive, trailblazing family entertainment center with a wide variety of attractions and amenities for everyone including XP Arena, ninja courses, laser tag, bowling, trampolines, premium food and beverage service, and more.

“When our family visited that trampoline park 10 years ago, it was such a new concept,” Erin said. “We were amazed at how much fun you can have together as a family with just a few trampolines. So, I thought, why not bring one to Rhode Island? This vision quickly turned into a reality. When we opened our first location, the entire state of Rhode Island showed up, and that’s when we knew we had something special.”

“One of our core values we live by is to under-promise and over-deliver,” Erin said. “We didn’t want to serve mediocre food. We wanted Krave to become a standalone restaurant. After many failed recipes and several Costco trips, it’s a success. We have customers come in just for the fresh, made-to-order, high-quality food we provide. It’s a great feeling to have people enjoy the amenities we have to offer and finish their day with a meal surrounded by loved ones.”

As co-founder and chief operating officer, Erin oversees the day-to-day operational and administrative functions of the franchise. With a background in business and a love for fitness, she’s thrilled to continue growing her family’s brand so that others may create lifelong memories while remaining active and engaged.

“Erin is the most determined, passionate, creative, hardworking person I know,” said Rob Arnold, CEO of Launch Entertainment. “When she has a vision, she turns it into a reality. In this case — a family entertainment business that has changed our lives. There’s no other person I’d want as my wife and business partner. It has been an honor building this franchise together, and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Launch Entertainment.”


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