Code Ninjas boots footprint with multi-unit deal in Florida

With the announcement of a two-unit agreement in the Jacksonville region, Code Ninjas is expanding its presence in Florida. The arrangement adds another center, scheduled to open its doors in the spring of 2024, to the franchisee Ryan Clark’s existing four units in Northeast Florida. The newest unit is slated to open there in the second quarter of this year in the vicinity of The World of Golf.

One of the top 10 cities for entrepreneurs in 2022, the Jacksonville market has grown swiftly into a hub of company innovation. But Ryan’s dedication to giving an educational service that supports Jacksonville’s public school systems—offering coding courses as a way to learn problem-solving and behavioral skills, as well as confidence and social interaction skills—can be credited for the brand’s recent success. Ryan also aspires to help meet the growing need for elite talent in the technology sector among the corporate community.

“Ryan is performing exceptionally well as a franchisee. There’s oftentimes an obvious causation as to the kinds of people that tend to fit well in the franchise model, and Ryan’s military experience is undoubtedly a direct correlation to his work ethic, adaptability, persistence and the way in which he carries his responsibilities with such pride.” – CEO Justin Nihiser

Prior to making an investment in the company, Ryan was already involved with Code Ninjas. He spent nine years as an officer in the Air Force on active duty before relocating to Jacksonville. He currently works part-time in the reserves. Though he acknowledged feeling unprepared due to his lack of technical expertise, his entry into product management development proved to be the career-changing moment for him. Ryan’s misgivings about his own skill set aside, he quickly enrolled his kids in Code Ninjas since he thought it would be in their best interests.

“I believed there to be a huge gap in the education my children were receiving and worried they weren’t being equipped with the skills they needed to be successful in the real world,” he explained. “To be successful in this day and age, you need to have tech skills. I knew there had to be other parents out there exploring the same avenues, which lead me to bring Code Ninjas to Northeast Florida.”

Ryan has recently developed a passion for children’s education, and he has no plans to let it go anytime soon. The businessman has goals to expand the Code Ninjas brand throughout Northeast Florida, with the goal of opening 10 locations. He also intends to offer services other than coding, possibly helping former ninjas who are looking for employment or pursuing tech-related educational objectives like robotic certifications.

“My goal is to be the place where Floridian kids go to become innovators, entrepreneurs, and prepare for the future,” added Ryan. “15 years from now, I want our Ninjas to be leaders in space and technology, working on rockets – or even flying them!”

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