Coffee Berry, a Greek coffee chain, debuts in Saudi Arabia

Greece’s renowned coffee chain, Coffee Berry, has made its inaugural entry into the Saudi Arabian market by unveiling its first store at the Hayat Mall in Riyadh. This significant move marks Coffee Berry’s fourth international venture, showcasing its growing global presence.

In 2022, Coffee Berry, headquartered in Athens and boasting an impressive 210-store count, inked a franchise agreement that paved the way for its Saudi Arabian expansion. The company’s strategic vision includes the establishment of a network comprising a minimum of 20 outlets across the kingdom within the coming years. With this ambitious plan, Coffee Berry now joins the ranks of esteemed coffee giants like Starbucks, Tim Hortons, M&S Café, and the popular bakery café chain, Paul, all nestled within the bustling confines of the Hayat Mall.

Coffee Berry’s remarkable journey began in 2003 as a wholesale coffee enterprise, and it evolved into a full-fledged coffee shop in 2016, first gracing the vibrant streets of Glyfada, Athens. Since then, it has steadily grown its presence in Greece, boasting an impressive roster of 125 stores. Expanding its horizons globally, Coffee Berry ventured into Cyprus in 2016, where it currently thrives with a staggering 78 stores. In 2019, the chain made its mark in Egypt, with seven operational outlets, primarily concentrated in the bustling capital, Cairo.

This foray into the Saudi Arabian market serves as a pivotal stepping stone for Coffee Berry, paving the way for future expansions into hitherto uncharted territories across Europe and the Middle East. Saudi Arabia itself boasts a coffee shop market of substantial proportions, hosting a staggering 3,600 branded stores, making it the largest in the Middle East. Projections from World Coffee Portal research suggest that this number could surpass 5,350 outlets by the year 2027.

Coffee Berry’s arrival in Saudi Arabia follows in the footsteps of other esteemed Greek coffee chains, including Mikel Coffee Company and Coffeebrands, which have established their presence in the country with seven and three stores, respectively. This progression underscores the ever-growing global appeal of Greek coffee culture, offering a taste of Greece to the world while fostering the continued growth and success of Coffee Berry.

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