Dubai based Kitch to open Lebanon’s Barbar restaurant across GCC

barbar restaurant

Kitch operates a hybrid cloud kitchen/storefront model and has entered the F&B sector with $15m privately capital early this year. They have signed a franchise agreement with Lebanon’s popular Barbar restaurant, to expand the operations across the GCC region.

The first of these chains will open in Dubai this year and will be located on Hessa Street for dine-in and delivery services. Following which 8 more will open in UAE and 2 in Qatar by the beginning of 2022. In addition, 20 more will open in Saudi Arabia, 4 of which will operate in Riyadh in the 2nd quarter of this year.

Exceptional in quality and service

Mohammad Ghaziri is the founder of Barbar. It started in 1979 as a small ‘Manouche’ bakery in front of the famous Piccadilly theatre in the heart of Beirut. The restaurant was an instant hit and gained popularity for its delicious manouchés and was visited by singers, artists, and celebrities who performed at the theatre.

Barbar was a family business that was built from the ground up over the years. Their products include shawarma, falafel, fatayer, grills, burgers, ice creams and fruit cocktails to its extensive menu. What makes them stand out is that Barbar has never closed its establishments and continues to remain open 24/7. Not even during the pandemic and periods of strife. Thus making it a preferred destination for not just their comfort food, but also as one of the most acclaimed restaurants in Lebanon and a tourist attraction.

“As part of our franchise agreement, we will be serving the world-class offerings and the delectable menu of Barbar through our premium store-front facilities and cloud-kitchens in the region,” said Walid Hajj, co-founder and CEO of Kitch.

“We are confident that our omnichannel cloud kitchen model will further strengthen Barbar’s brand positioning and following in the GCC,” he added.

Source: Gulf Business

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