First US based kids gym – Tumbles will open in Qatar


An increasing population of child obesity can be observed in the Middle East. Moreover, the government has been actively engaged in the fight against childhood obesity. For instance, by increasing the taxes on sugar-based drinks and demanding fast-food chains to display the calories for their menu items. As a result, this has also attracted healthy living franchise concepts into the region. Following this the first US based kids gym – Tumbles will open in Qatar this summer.

|Kids Gym Tumbles  – Get fit for the fun of it

Tumbles is based on STEM education program, that aims to help kids stay fit with the policy of “get fit for the fun of it”. Further, the upcoming franchise in Doha will be located in the City Center Mall. Besides, it is built over 8,600 sqft that includes a larger-than-US-spec sized gym, two STEAM classrooms, and a supersized Tumble Zone indoor playground.

“There’s a lack of companies focused on wellness for kids going into the GCC. We want to be part of the solution in the region and saying these areas should not be neglected. There are a lot of dollars and investments being made in these countries but not enough specifically in children’s health. We want to be there at the forefront and work with the people towards awareness and a solution” says  Manish Vakil, Founder and CEO of Tumbles.

Match made by US Commercial Service

This franchise deal in Qatar, would not have been possible without the assistance from US Commercial Service. In other words, US Commercial Service is like a matchmaker between foreign businesses that are interested in U.S. brands and U.S. companies that want to expand internationally. It is a win-win situation as foreign entities have access to reputable western brands and US companies in return profit from the exports.

Senior International Trade Specialist Steven Garrett serves as Tumbles primary U.S. Commercial Service partner and worked closely with CEO Vakil negotiating the franchise agreement in Qatar. Says Vakil, “Our entire deal in Doha would not have happened if it wasn’t for the Commercial Service. They took our company info and pitched it. They made contact, initiated it, and they’re the ones who called me directly, saying, ‘We have a person who wants to talk to you.’

Source: PR Newswire

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