Former Coca-Cola executives launch an AI tool similar to ChatGPT to assist sustainability challenges

Two ex-Coca-Cola vice presidents have teamed up to launch Ubuntoo, an artificial intelligence (AI) system dubbed “ChatGPT for environmentalism”. Developed over five years, the tool provides curated intelligence and solutions to enhance sustainability strategies for high-profile Fortune 500 companies. Ubuntoo aims to bridge the gap between corporate environmental rhetoric and actions by offering recommendations on reducing plastic usage, optimizing recycling processes, and increasing the adoption of renewable energy. 

“Ubuntoo draws upon an expert database developed for over five years that provides users with curated solutions and intelligence, setting it apart from other large language AI platforms,” said the company, in a statement.    

“The engine provides tailored knowledge to companies and institutions seeking to make their operations and output greener at a fraction of the cost of a traditional consultancy.”   

Ubuntoo, established by former Coca-Cola vice presidents Peter Schelstraete and Venkatesh Kini, counts their previous employer among several Fortune 500 companies adopting the technology 

“As global environmental legislation tightens, and consumers grow more environmentally conscious, businesses are full of ambition to be part of the solution,” said Schelstraete. 

“However, even for the most ambitious companies, it remains very hard to implement an ESG [environmental, social and governance] strategy. With Ubuntoo AI, we are leveraging AI and human expertise to provide better access to environmental solutions.” 

Schelstraete explained that the Ubuntoo platform uses a data pipeline to curate and analyze information from various sources. This data is then indexed and organized to assist users in finding answers to their sustainability queries through the Sustainability Knowledge Graph. 

“This allows us to uncover linkages beyond similarity to give verifiable answers to our users,” he said. Currently utilizing OpenAI’s ChatGPT for generative text, the platform is also exploring other large language models (LLMs)

“Our flexible platform allows us to add new data sources and leverage advancements by LLM providers with ease,” he added. 

“Whether it is to achieve more sustainable packaging or reduce carbon emissions, it is vital for our teams to have access to the most relevant solutions and industry best practices,” he said. 

“Ubuntoo’s AI-driven wealth of expertise provided me with the means to make informed decisions in real time at a fraction of the cost of a traditional consultant. We used their platform to successfully transition to sustainable uniforms for our sandwich artists in Europe.” 

Source: Computer Weekly

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