Google Eases Food Delivery Ecosystem

Google introduces delivery

Google has furthered their delivery services with the new ‘order delivery’ button in its search engine.
The bright blue button located in the right-hand column which allows customers to have their food delivered from their favourite restaurants using quick service providers like Postmates, DoorDash,

This new service instantly satisfies hungry customers by reducing problems or delays that may occur in the process and bring new players to the online food delivery service.

Google’s senior product manager of food ordering Anantica Singh said she was pregnant at the time and it benefited her as she did not have to use her car to go the restaurant but instead, she just ordered it online and this aspect helped her throughout her pregnancy.

Google said this service was targeted towards getting food delivered to the customers more easily and this aspect has made Google a major competitor in the delivery field.

Customer testimonials state that the new addition in Google did its job but it redirected the users to other delivery websites which made it confusing to use.

This problem reduced the number of regular users and statistics showed these customers ordered once in a month.

There have been customers who used the delivery feature as it made it easier for them and recommended it to their friends and family.


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