Increasing appeal towards Home Services Franchise

As we reach the end of 2020 – with a promising sight of the vaccine to finally end the pandemic – the businesses that thrived during this year did not receive a lot of recognition. One of these businesses thriving are franchises offering home services.

The Glass Guru, for instance, proves that there is an increasing appeal towards the home services franchise. There is a rise in the demand for residential and commercial glass services.

The pandemic is not a new challenge for The Glass Guru, they initially launched their franchise program right before the Great Recession in 2007, but their products and services withstood difficult times. They continue to grow and even added new locations, proving that they have a strong brand concept resilient to any market and economic conditions.

What The Glass Guru can share with us, is to learn from the challenges that we experience today and be prepared for innovation. For this reason, The Glass Guru has announced new initiatives and franchise programs in early next year. This is to provide franchisees with innovative marketing and operational tools, to ensure their continuous growth and success for the years to come.

Source: Franchise Direct

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