Investors purchase Fireaway Pizza for £18.7 million

For the first time in 6years, Fireaway Pizza has taken on a group of investors. The majority of the investors, who are based in the UK and Italy, have individually acquired a portion of the pizza franchise, giving the business a value of £18.7 million.
Mario Aleppo, managing director of Fireaway Pizza, stated in an interview with Global Franchise that he is “enthusiastic about the future of Fireaway.” Along with the enhancement to the tech side of the U.K. operation, he has also detailed how the investment will affect the plans for international expansion for the following year.

Mario added: “We have signed up eight master franchisees across the globe, including India, Canada, Holland, Ireland, Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand and France. We believe there is massive potential in these companies to expand our rapidly growing company. Along with the expansion, we will be pumping massive investment into the tech side of our business, our driver management app and our customer app.”

In 2016 Fireaway established its first location in the United Kingdom in south London, and earlier this year it opened its first location abroad in Holland.

Customers can create their own pizzas inside the restaurant, and Fireaway’s distinctive selling feature is how quickly its stone-baked pizza can be delivered. A pizza can be served hot from the oven after being prepared in front of the diner in as little as 180 seconds.

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