Jay-Z backed launch for LIT Method franchise

This revolutionary new concept of Low Impact Training (LIT) has entered the game of fitness franchise. This no running, no jumping, no weights training opts for a combination of rowing and resistance bands with a “focus on building bodies rather than breaking them,” said co-CEO Justin Norris, who co-founded the Los Angeles-based concept with his wife, Taylor Norris.

Taylor and Justin Norris co-founded LIT Method in May 2020 and attracted investments in April 2021 from Marcy Venture Partners—the venture capitalist firm co-founded by rapper Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, Jay Brown and Larry Marcus—and Adrian Gonzalez, former Los Angeles Dodger. It announced a franchise offering on January 12.

The idea for LIT Method began after Justin lost his arm mobility following an accident. Taylor too had experienced athletics injuries and helped Justin recover with personal training using only resistance training exercises.

“At the time, CrossFit was a hot commodity, and everyone was getting injured from cross-training or any kind of circuit training,” Taylor said. “So what we were doing was giving you that high-intensity workout but all low impact, so you never had to have two feet off the ground. All the CrossFitters that were injured would come to us because they were able to work out pre- and post-injury, so we scooped up a lot of that and created a buzz.”

The stationary machine is an all-in-one water rower, Pilates reformer, and resistance band training system, which they designed with more than 500 exercises in mind targeting strength, cardio, and recovery.

“When we first came to market, there was nothing about low-impact training. That’s how we are able to secure trademarks around LIT,” Justin said. “We were the true creators of this category. No one is doing what we do, and we use proprietary equipment we invented that really acts as a true total gym.”

Customers have the option of working out in physical studios, which is $199 per month, or live daily workouts called LIT On-Demand, which is $24.99 per month for a digital membership. Though workouts can be done with bands and bodyweight only, customers can also purchase a LIT Strength Machine for $1,750 to keep at home.

They also recently tapped Michael Abramson, former chief revenue officer at Xponential Fitness, to lead franchise growth as chief strategy officer. They hope to award 100 franchise units within the next 12 months and have received 150 organic leads since last week, but ultimately are looking for the right franchisees and will be “very selective,” Justin said.

Source: Franchise Times

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