Local Fame’s consistent focus on quality shines through as a winner of the Global Franchise Awards 2022

The marketing firm showed that despite its small size, it is highly capable of outperforming bigger players.

Proving that small can be highly dynamic and powerful, Local Fame was awarded the coveted Best PR & Marketing Firm Award by the Global Franchise Awards in February. Running for a fifth consecutive year, these Awards celebrate brands that are making concerted efforts to advance international franchising. The award-winning marketing company certainly proved its worth as the best and outshone bigger competitors in the same category to clinch the prize.

Part of its drive for excellence is illustrated not by fancy offices and outlandish marketing budgets, but rather by its team of highly experienced professionals, led by Managing Director Dani Peleva. Peleva, who has over 12 years of experience in franchising, has steered numerous teams around the globe into the world of franchising and her extensive experience working for and with franchisors is a testament to this.

As a former franchisee herself, she has a deep understanding of franchisors and franchisees’ marketing needs and this has helped her develop a strategy that yields the precise results for all parties involved. This, coupled with a team of former franchise marketers, equates to a highly specialised marketing service, tailor made to meet all the unique needs of every franchise client.

The name may say “local”, but it’s all about global

Serving a wide portfolio of global clients, some of which have a presence in over 2,500 locations, Local Fame proves that it’s more than its name. Being in the franchise marketing business means being able to support both franchisors and franchisees.

However, and perhaps one of the best strategies followed by Local Fame, is never adopting a one-size-fits-all approach. This is because every brand has different needs and every franchise owner has different definitions of success. For some, it may mean optimising the number of franchise units and expanding these, while for others, profitability may be at the forefront of requirements before moving onto other locations. In either case, Local Fame is perfectly positioned to help franchisors and franchisees meet their marketing needs to get the desired results. This takes place through tailor-made marketing plans, customised to suit each client.

Another perk that comes with being a small firm is being able to identify and ride trends as and when they arise, as the options for manoeuvrability are much greater.

But it’s not only about franchisors. Franchisees can take advantage of Local Fame’s expertise – whether it’s related to recruitment, marketing or anything else related to maximising the potential of that unit.

Local Fame’s overall approach to both parties in the franchising relationship is one of consistently high marketing end-results for better leads, improved searches, greater brand awareness, more clients and increased franchisee recruitment. This goes hand-in-hand with the company’s vision to help those who would like to be business owners get off on the right foot with their franchise partner and make the most out of the business opportunity that franchising offers.

When dynamite comes in small packages

The highly skilled team of 25 professionals who make up the Local Fame team do the equivalent work of 50 individuals combined. This is attributed to each team member’s extensive experience in working in the franchise space. Each professional has a deep understanding of what a franchisor’s needs and wants are and they’re ready to transform these into tangible, high-quality end results.

Over the years, the efforts of the dynamic team led by Peleva have certainly been recognised, too. For example, Local Fame grabbed the European Search Award in 2014 and was nominated for the same award in 2019, while also nominated for the Marketing Excellence Award from the Quality Franchise Association.

The cherry on the cake, however, is the most recent recognition given to the marketing company through the Best PR & Marketing Firm Award from the Global Franchise Awards in 2022, beating bigger and more established brands to the coveted prize. A true testament that dynamite comes in small packages.

Franchisors and franchisees in need of a marketing partner who will understand their needs, tailor-make specific plans to cater to them and have a real-time response rate with a deep understanding of their industry will be able to secure much value from reaching out to Local Fame for the firm’s outstanding franchising marketing efforts.

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