McDonald’s to launch their first sustainability project


The entire world is slowly gaining awareness about the damage control that must be enforced immediately and aggressively towards industrialisations’ effects on climate change. And as part of the efforts to preserve the depleting resources globally, McDonald’s is going to launch its first sustainability project. And they are doing so by partnering with The Nature Conservancy, Cargill and Target.

Sustainable beef project

McDonald’s to going to launch an $8.5 million sustainable beef project over 5 years that will help the Nebraska farmers.  This aims to improve their adaptation to climate change, targeting proven soil health practices. Most of all, by 2030 they hope to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by 30% across its supply chain, restaurants and offices.

“Nebraska is one of the top states for U.S. beef production and among the top three states for corn production, a key ingredient for cattle feed. This project will work with interested farmers to reach 100,000 acres of land and provide them with the technical and financial assistance to scale the implementation of regenerative soil health practices, including cover cropping, reduced tillage and diversified crop rotation.” – Sara Kroopf, McDonald’s Manager of U.S. Sustainable Sourcing

Durable cup solution

In addition to the sustainable beef project, they are also partnering with the TerraCycle to test their circular packaging service, Loop. Subsequently, this will be piloted in 2021 across the UK where a small deposit is paid for the cup. Later, the customer will get the deposit back when they return the cup to be washed, sanitized and reused again.

“Reusable packaging is one potential solution that we want to test as part of a broader suite of strategies and tools that will be needed to advance circular solutions and keep waste out of nature. Through this pilot, we’re excited to learn how reusable packaging for on-the-go use could fit with our system.” – Elaine Strunk, McDonald’s Director of Global Sustainability

Source: Franchise Times

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